Windows application to execute SSIS packages


SQL Server includes the Windows application DTEXECUI.EXE which can be used to execute an SSIS package.  DTEXECUI  provides a graphical user interface that can be used to specify the various options to be set when executing an SSIS package.  You can launch DTEXECUI by double-clicking on an SSIS package file (.dtsx).  You can also launch DTEXECUI from a Command Prompt then specify the package to execute.

To begin open Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and navigate to the Tutorial-Sample-1 project folder.  Double-click on the CreateSalesForecastInput.dtsx SSIS package and you will see the following multi-page dialog displayed:


As you can see there are many settings available when you use this utility.  As a general rule you can simply click the Execute button to run your package.  You can also fine tune your execution by clicking through the various screens and entering your own settings.  After changing the settings click on Command Line which will show you the DTEXEC command line based on the settings you have chosen.

Additional Information

  • Take a look at the DTEXECUI command in Books on Line for additional details.





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