Creating a table in SSDT



We've created our project including any initial database settings. Now it's time to create a table!


In the Solution Explorer, right click on the Futbol project and choose Add->Table.

Add New Table

You will be presented with the Add New Item screen where you will name your table. Name the table Team and click Add.

Add Table

Once Add is clicked, you will see a few things occur. The Solution Explorer will show a new script added called Team.sql and a dual pane window will be presented to you: one for Design and one for T-SQL. You can work in either pane. Work you do in one pane will reflect in the other automatically. Here you can choose to work with however you're most comfortable. For instance, if you like to do your work by working directly with T-SQL, use the T-SQL pane. If you like working with visual designers, use the Design pane.

SSDT Designer

I like working with T-SQL directly. I modified the Team table as follows and saved it.

SSDT Designer

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