SQL Server DAX Tutorial Summary


We started with the foundation that DAX is an expression language rather than a query language. In the first section we learned about Vertipaq engine and setup the AdventureWorks tabular model on the SSAS Tabular instance. We learned about the different basics of DAX like data types and operators as well. After building the foundation of DAX formulas, we started our coding exercises by selecting data from the tabular model using DAX expressions in SSMS. In order to tailor the desired shape and size of data, we learned methods of applying filters, joins, aggregations, navigation, and sorting the dataset.

As DAX formulas start getting complex with a number of functions, operators and calculations, it becomes important to place some basic checks in the formula. We learned to use validation functions, and learned how to create context specific calculations by referencing multiple tables. We ended the tutorial with a brief discussion on date and time intelligence functions.

I hope this tutorial provided the required launch pad to those new to DAX and an overview of different areas and practices while working with DAX.

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