Tal Olier

Tal Olier

Tal Olier is married to Yael and father to Itai, Ori and Adi, he is also a database expert currently working for HP (originally Mercury Interactive acquired by HP). For the past 15+ years Tal held various positions in IT and R&D departments practicing programming, design and team management. For the last 10+ years Tal served as the system architect and a database authority inside an R&D core unit creating database methodology, solving database related dilemmas and helping developers extract the best out of the RDBMS world. While perusing his passion for database technologies Tal turned to teaching and co-founded yaeldana (www.yaeldana.com) which specializes in “Database for Developers” teaching materials; in addition Tal is sporadically publishing articles and consulting for companies in RDBMS related matters mainly related to design and performance.

You can reach Tal at tal.olier@gmail.com , www.yaeldana.com and via http://www.linkedin.com/in/talolier.

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