DAX in SQL Server Tutorial, Formulas, Functions and Examples


In this tutorial we are going to learn to create DAX formulas to get desired information from a Tabular Model ranging from getting a simple calculation to solving a slightly complex analytical problem.

We are going to run DAX formulas against a deployed tabular model to find out different type of facts based on different requirements.

This tutorial is primarily focused on the technique to create simple DAX queries and then moving forward to create slightly complex DAX queries step by step.

This tutorial may help a learner to quickly learn DAX provided the learner sticks with the core concepts of making the DAX query and/or formula construct which I am going to discuss.


This tutorial assumes you are familiar with basic concepts of Tabular Data Models (also known as Analysis Services Databases) and have installed the following software components:

  1. Tabular Analysis Server
  2. SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) or Excel with Power Pivot

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