SQL Server Release Dates and Lifecycle


As with most Microsoft products, Microsoft provides mainstream support for a product for 5 years after its initial release.  This means that for the first 5 years you may see new smaller features or enhancements added to the product along with any bug fixes and security patches.  After this mainstream support ends you will usually get another 5 years of extended support at which time you can only expect bug fixes and security patches. 

The below table outlines these dates for the versions of SQL Server since 2012.  For an up-to-date listing of the dates you can use the following link:  Microsoft Product Lifecycle.

Version Release Date End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
SQL Server 2012 5/20/2012 7/11/2017 7/12/2022
SQL Server 2014 5/6/2014 7/9/2019 7/9/2024
SQL Server 2016 6/1/2016 7/13/2021 7/14/2026
SQL Server 2017 9/29/2017 10/11/2022 10/12/2027
SQL Server 2019 11/4/2019 1/7/2025 1/8/2030
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