SQL Server Master Database Size and Growth


In this section we will cover questions like: how big does the master database get, the typical size and growth of the master database.

How should the database and transaction log growth settings be configured for the SQL Server master database?

Growth for master database data and logs files should follow most of the same rules other databases would use.  The only difference is that one should not expect significant growth out of a master database data or log file.  If the master database files are growing significantly this would likely indicate misuse of the database.

What is the typical size of the SQL Server master database?

A typical master database has only a 5MB to 10MB data file.

How big does the SQL Server master database get?

There really isn’t a reason for the master database to get significantly larger than the average.  If it is larger than that it would indicate that someone is storing something in the database that would be better served being stored in a user database.

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