SQL Server Master Database Backup


In this section we will cover questions like: does the master database need to be backed up, how to backup and frequency of backups.

Do I need to backup the SQL Server master database?

Very much so, yes!  In the event that the master database becomes corrupt or if the server crashes and the master database needs to be recovered, a backup will be the only way to do so.

The master database is so small that it is generally considered a best practice to backup the full master database every day.

How do I backup the SQL Server master database?

The master database can be backed up the exact same way as any other database.  The code below will back up the database to a local file.  Consider using a location that is not local to the SQL Server -- if that is possible -- as that reduces the risk of losing the master database in the case where the server becomes unavailable.

BACKUP DATABASE master TO DISK = 'C:\master.bak'

How frequently do I backup the SQL Server master database?

Best practices suggest backing it up every day.  It is so small that its size allows for daily backups.

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