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We will use the AdventureWorksLT sample database as the data source for the reports we build in this tutorial.  The AdventureWorksLT database was chosen because it is small and the current SQL Server 2008 sample database requires that Full-Text Search be installed, the SQL Full-Text Filter Daemon launcher service is running, and FILESTREAM is enabled.  These requirements just add extra work to get us going so we're going to use the slightly older sample database.

The AdventureWorksLT database is available for download from the following link on the Code Plex site: Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples: Database - Release:SQL Server 2005 SP2a.  Click on the appropriate AdventureWorksLT link to download the installer program for your SQL Server environment: AdventureWorksLT.msi, AdventureWorksLT_x64.msi, or AdventureWorksLT_IA64.msi. 

After downloading the appropriate version of the installer program, run it by double-clicking the .msi file.  You will be prompted for the folder location to put the database and log files.  For a default installation of SQL Server 2008 the folder to choose is:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA

Adjust the folder as necessary if you did not accept the default location during installation of SQL Server 2008.

When the installer program completes, you have to attach the database to your SQL Server database engine.  Open SQL Server Management Studio, navigate to the Object Explorer, right click on Databases then select Attach from the menu as shown below:

ttach sample database

The Attach Databases dialog will be displayed.  Click the Add button, navigate to the AdventureWorksLT_Data.mdf file in the location you specified when you ran the installer program as shown below:

ocate database file to attach

Click the OK button to attach the database.

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