Complete the Wizard


The Completing the Wizard step of the Report Wizard displays a summary of our choices from the previous dialogs. 

The Completing the Wizard step in the Report Wizard will display the dialog as shown below:

eport wizard complete

You should provide a descriptive name for your report in the Report Name textbox; e.g. ReportWizardExample.  You can click the Preview report check box if you would like to see what your report will look like.  Scroll through the Report summary to review your choices.  If there is something you want to change, click the Back button to revisit the completed dialogs.

Click the Finish button to have the wizard generate your report.  You will now see your report in the Solution Explorer as shown below:

olution explorer 1 report

The report will also be displayed in the Report Designer.  Click on the Preview tab to render your report.  A portion of the report is shown below:

eport wizard preview

We're going to make a couple of changes to the report.  Click on the Design tab; you will see the following:

eport wizard design

We're going to put spaces between the words in the heading, make the columns a little wider, and change the format of the sales numbers.  Here are the steps:

  • Click in the report heading between the t and W; add a space; do the same for d and E
  • Click in the ParentProductCategory cell, an Excel-like grid will appear, click between the cells at the top of the grid and drag to widen them; you will see the cursor change to <--> when you hover between the cells
  • Click inside the [Sum(Sales)] column, locate Format in the Properties window and type C0; this will format the cell as currency with no decimals.  If you don't see the Properties window, click the top-level View menu then select Properties Window of click F4.  Repeat for the [Sales] column.

After making these changes the report design should look like this:

eport wizard design 2

Click on the Preview tab to display the report:

eport wizard preview 2

You can click on the + icon to the left of the Parent Product Category Names to drilldown to Product Category Name details as shown below:

eport wizard preview 3

This completes our tutorial section on the Report Wizard.

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