Launch the Report Wizard


The Report Wizard guides you through the steps to build a simple report.  In this section we will launch the report wizard and get going with creating our first report.

In the earlier section on Projects and Solutions, we created a blank solution and added a Report Server project to the solution.  If necessary open the solution by clicking File, Open, Project/Solution from the top-level menu and navigating to the solution file; e.g. MSSQLTips_SSRS_2008_Tutorial.sln.  The BIDS Solution Explorer shows our Report Server project along with Shared Data Sources and Reports nodes as shown below:

Right click on the Reports node and select Add New Report to launch the Report Wizard as shown below:

Note the checkbox "Don't show this page again".  You way want to click it as there isn't much need to see this dialog every time you want to design a new report using the wizard.  Click the Next button to create a data source for your report which we will cover in the next section.

Last Update: 1/5/2010

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