SQL Server Analysis Services Enhancements


SQL Server Analysis Services was introduced as a part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack starting with SQL Server 2005. The first major version update to SSAS came with SQL Server 2008 / 2008 R2. The major features and enhancements in SSAS from 2008 R2 through 2016 are listed below.


SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 R2

  • SSAS Integration with SharePoint - PowerPivot for SharePoint and Excel with DAX support
  • Aggregation Design improvements in Aggregation Design and Usage-based Optimization Wizards
  • Dimension Design improvements in Dimension as well as Attribute-Relationship Designer
  • Storage related performance improvements

SQL Server Analysis Services 2012

  • Multi-dimensional, Tabular and SharePoint server mode as well as xVelocity In-Memory Analytics Engine (Vertipaq) introduced
  • Tabular Model development in SQL Server Data Tools
  • Improvements in resource monitoring and event tracking for Multidimensional as well as Tabular server modes
  • Enhancements and/or improvements in DAX, AMO, PowerShell, XMLA and CSDL

SQL Server Analysis Services 2014

SQL Server Analysis Services 2016

Additional Information
  • We will be looking at some fundamental and important features for developing, deploying and browsing a SSAS data model in Multidimensional and Tabular server modes.
  • Consider reading more about tools and applications used in SSAS from here.

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