SQL Server Extended Events Catalog Views


While using "Object Explorer" within SSMS to look at the extended events sessions defined on your server might be easier, there are catalog views that you can use TSQL to query and get this information as well. 

Below is a list of each of these views along with a short description of their contents.

  • sys.server_event_sessions - lists all the event sessions defined on the server
  • sys.server_event_session_events - contains a row for each event defined for each event session
  • sys.server_event_session_actions - contains a row for each action of each event defined for each event session
  • sys.server_event_session_fields - contains a row for each customizable column that was set explicitly on an event or target
  • sys.server_event_session_targets - contains a row for each target defined for each event session
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Last Update: 6/14/2019

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