SQL Server Extended Events Dynamic Management Views DMV


There are quite a few DMVs that you can query using TSQL to get information about extended events.  They contain similar information to what is contained in the catalog views with regards to sessions but only for active sessions.  There are also some additional views that contain information regarding the extended events engine as well.

Below is a list of the views along with a brief description of their contents.

  • sys.dm_xe_packages - lists all of the packages that are registered with the engine
  • sys.dm_xe_objects - contains a row for each object that is exposed by an event package
  • sys.dm_xe_object_columns - contains a row with the schema information for each object
  • sys.dm_xe_map_values - contains a row which maps each internal numeric key to human-readable text
  • sys.dm_xe_sessions - contains a row for each active extended events session
  • sys.dm_xe_session_events - returns information about session events.  Predicates can be applied to these events to stop them from firing.
  • sys.dm_xe_session_event_actions - returns information about event session actions.  These are executed when an event fires.
  • sys.dm_xe_session_targets - returns information about session targets
  • sys.dm_xe_session_object_columns - returns the configuration values for objects
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