SQL Server 2000 vs SQL Server 2005 SSIS Import and Export Wizard

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The SQL Server Import/Export Wizard is a way to either perform a one-time data import/export, or create a DTS/SSIS package that can be further developed.  Because the Import/Export Wizard is a part of Data Transformation Services, it was re-written in SQL Server 2005, as was the entire SQL Server Integration Services process.  Because of this, the methods of accessing the Import and Export Wizard have changed.


In SQL Server 2000 the Import/Export Wizard could be accessed a few ways:

  1. From the Start Menu under the Microsoft SQL Server submenu

DTSImportExport 1 

  1. By typing dtswiz in either a command prompt or from a Run dialog box

DTSImportExport 2

  1. Inside Enterprise Manager.  In order to start the Import/Export Wizard from this location, you must navigate to at least the <server_name> section with the console tree.  Click the Wizard button and the Select Wizard dialog box appears

DTSImportExport 3

In SQL Server 2005 the ways to get to the Import/Export Wizard are a little different (the shortcut in the Start Menu/Microsoft SQL Server 2005 submenu was removed):

  1. Type dtswizard in either a command prompt or Run dialog box:

SSISImportExport 1

  1. Open the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).  Once open, you must create a new project (File/New/Project).  Click on Business Intelligence Projects (left), click Integrated Services Project (top middle), name the project whatever you wish, and click OK:

SSISImportExport 2

  1. Once the SSIS Designer window is open, click Project/SSIS Import and Export Wizard

SSISImportExport 3

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