Common Issues After Upgrading to SSRS 2014 Video

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Problem / Solution

Now that SQL 2014 is readily available, report designers will begin to develop new reports using SSDT-BI for Visual Studio 2013 to build, test and deploy SSRS reports. Unfortunately, "out of the box" many report designers and developers are running into an error when attempting to preview reports in SSDT-BI. This issue is caused by the Net.Pipe Listener service not being started after an install, and thus must be started and set to run automatically in order to preview reports without an error. Furthermore, when previewing reports a command window now opens and if a report designer closes this command window while previewing a report, a similar issue occurs. I have created a "tidbits" tip which covers this particular issue plus two other items which is available at :

Key Learning Items

The video covers how to:

  • Common Error when attempting to Preview an SSRS report in SSDT
  • Solution/Project Properties to be checked after upgrading
  • Checking for Unused Datasets via BIDS Helper
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Comments For This Article

Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 1:38:44 PM - Dave Clark Back To Top (36242)

Good video Scott - thanks for the information.

The issues mentioned seem like a bit of a pain for a developer, but now at least I will be prepared when I start using MS SQL Server 2014.


Dave Clark

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 1:51:42 PM - Vamshi Back To Top (36195)

Thats really cool tip Scott. Thank you very much and for introducing SQL SERVER RS 2014 .  :-)




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