Enable Upload Multiple Documents in SharePoint for Clients

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When trying to upload numerous documents into a SharePoint library, a user does not see the "Upload Multiple Documents" link/selection that would allow them to upload more than one document at a time in a particular directory.


This occurs, because not all of the Windows SharePoint Services components have been installed.  To allow multiple documents to be uploaded at once, additional components need to be installed on the user workstation.  To do so, follow the directions below:

Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel.

sharepoint image

Select Add or Remove Programs.

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Select Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and click "Change".

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Check the Add or Remove Features radio button and click "Next >"


Check the Choose Advanced Customization Application check box and click "Next >".


Click on the "+" sign next to Office Tools.


Expand the Windows SharePoint Services Support selection and make sure that all three items under it have been changed from the red "X" to Run from My Computer on the drop down list.


Click Update to make the changes.


And finally Log out of Windows and Log back in to check the changes that were just made.

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