How to show recent activities under My Newsfeed in SharePoint 2010

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SharePoint provides My Site, a central location to maintain contact, document and links to every individual in the web application. There is a section of 'my newsfeed' where  activities, such as updating a user profile, adding colleagues, adding documents, etc., are listed under Recent Activities.

But sometimes these actions do not show, giving the message "There are no activities in your news feed".


There are several timer jobs running which updates user information as well as site information. We need to ensure whether a service called the "User Profile Service Application - Activity Feed Job" is enabled and running.

The following shows and example of where this has occurred and the resolution to the issue:

stay connected

In order to check the timer job status, Go to Central Administration  -> Monitoring.


Now click on 'Review jobs definitions'.

health analyzer

From the list, find a job name "User Profile Service Application - Activity Feed Job". Click on it.

activity feed job

Ensure whether the timer job is enabled or not. If it is not click on "Enable" and activate it.

job title

Go again to the same timer job and for instant results, click on "Run Now" and check the job status under "Job History" and whether it succeeded or not.

job title

The only step is left to perform a full crawl as it will gather the user profile information as well. So perform a full crawl and check out 'my newsfeed'. Now you should be able to see the results.

my interests

Performing the steps will allow a user to view their recent activities information.

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