Getting Started with Scrum for SQL Server Development Projects

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We are embarking on a new SQL Server project initiative with Agile/Scrum methodologies.  To get started, what is a Daily Scrum and what do we discuss during this meeting?


Daily Scrum

The daily scrum will be held on the same time and place to help the development team members share their progress. The team makes use of the daily scrum to measure the progress against the sprint goal and adjust accordingly. This is a time boxed event and usually takes only 15 minutes to complete.

In the daily scrum, each team member will explain what has been achieved the day before towards the sprint goal and the planned activities for the current day as well. In addition the team member also shares if there are any impediments to achieve the sprint goals.

During the daily scrum, the team can re-plan or adjust to complete the remaining work for the sprint. The team members can meet after the daily scrum for a detailed discussion. As the daily scrum is transparent, this gives the product owner the opportunity to inspect the progress on daily basis.

Role of a Scrum Master

The scrum master facilitates the daily scrum. He/she will ensure that the meeting is in place for the team to share the progress. It's the responsibility of the team to conduct the meeting on daily basis.

The scrum master will also train new team members on the agile methodologies. In addition, the scrum master should list all the impediments faced by the team and try to resolve them as soon as possible with the help of other interested parties.

Advantages of the Daily Scrum

  • The daily scrum is intended improve communication among the development team members.
  • It uses the time of the team members effectively.
  • It promotes quick decisions related to impediments.

Advice for New Team Members

Prepare a one line status update on these questions before the daily scrum. This will help to use the daily scrum effectively.

  • What did I do yesterday to meet the sprint Goal?
  • What will I do today to meet the sprint Goal?
  • Are there any impediment that prevents, meeting the sprint Goal?

Team Rules for Successful Daily Scrum

  • All team members should participate in the daily scrum.
  • If a team member can help another member to resolve an impediment, they can say that they will offer help. However a detailed discussion should happen after the daily scrum between the two team members.
  • Stand up in the daily scrum. This is not a status meeting to sit and discuss in a relaxed manner.
  • The product owner should attend the daily scrum. This will help the team members share their viewpoints, for example: if the sprint goals are not achievable. This will enable the product owner to discuss the sprint goals accordingly and revise with the team members.
  • Team members shouldn't undertake any work outside of the planned sprint activities.
  • Team members are encouraged to undertake the sprint tasks voluntarily once they become available.
  • Team members cross train each other on technical and methodology aspects.


Scrum is ideal for complex projects. The success of the Scrum deeply depends on the team member's contribution and collaboration. The Daily scrum encourages both of these key components to be a part of the daily routine.

Next Steps
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