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It can be a challenge for IT professionals to write a resume with a balance of technical skills, leadership, and interpersonal experience. Human resources recruiters use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology which can eliminate some job seekers from being selected for a job interview.


The solution to the article will include experience to include, how to write sentences on a resume and to add keywords that will be recognized by ATS technology used by human resources recruiters.

Person Skills You Need to Succeed

The job search journey can be time-consuming. HR recruiters expect an IT professional’s resume to be written with the description of the job posting in mind. A ‘generic’ resume is overlooked lessening the chances of an applicant to be invited for a job interview.

The next time you are recommended by a manager to apply for an opportunity or a recruiter requests to see a resume, use these helpful tips.

Interpersonal Skills

Most IT professionals believe a resume that primarily focuses on the technical aspect of work experience. Human resources specialists prefer hiring IT professionals with interpersonal and leadership skills. The ability to work effectively in a team needs to be in an article. An example of how to articulate team-oriented skills on a IT resume:

  • Consulted the executive team to improve information technology initiatives working closely with a team of 10 colleagues that resulted in a decrease of $300,000 of funds towards technology software.

Organizations want to hire professionals with people skills and a pleasing personality to work successfully.

Volunteer or Freelance Work

Do you freelance IT services? I have friends that work in information technology that enjoy helping people in their community by building computers or fixing computer issues. It offers an extra income and challenges the professional to use the experience on the job.

A dynamic individual working in IT can continue using their skills to help people by volunteering or starting a freelance business. Freelance and volunteer experience can be in a resume. It shows a human resources manager that you are passionate about working in the industry.

Leadership Experience

It is common for an individual to experience a lateral move in their career starting in an entry-level job to a leadership position. Intermediate IT associates that take advantage of leadership opportunities that involve consulting a project or leading an IT related program need to include this experience. It will set you apart from the competition. Here are a few ways to write:

  • Delegated responsibilities to colleagues on the software redevelopment project that resulted in an improvement to the user experience in the accounting department.

One of the best ways to communicate the desire to create positive change in an organization is listing leadership experience.

What to Include on a Resume

Action Verbs

Action words are important in a resume because it reduces the amount of content to describe a person’s skills or talents. Action verbs can represent communication skills, working effectively under pressure or you have leadership skills. Here is a list of action verbs you can use on a resume:

  • Achieved
  • Mastered
  • Invented
  • Designed
  • Collaborated

Action verbs are used as the first word of a sentence to outline work experience.


Did you know ATS monitors resumes? It is known as an Applicant Tracking Software that scans specific words in a resume received by a candidate for a job opportunity. A resume that lacks the keywords for an HR rep to read the resume will be unnoticed. Here are examples of keywords I recommend you add in a resume:

  • Technical procedures
  • Hardware issues
  • Cloud services
  • Diagnosis
  • Software training
  • Accurate diagnosis

The keywords need to appear natural in the article to ensure that when the hiring manager receives the resume, it has a natural flow.

Dynamic Summary

A summary of experience on an IT professionals resume can appear dull with technical verbiage that does not effectively detail one’s experience. Your resume needs accomplishments with hard data that includes a total budget managed for an IT project. The number of inbound calls received while you worked in the help desk department. Interpersonal and leadership skills can be referenced in sentences to describe work experience.

This section of the resume needs to catch the attention of a recruiter to interest them in continuing to read the rest of the resume.

Limit Length

As you write a resume, think about the recruiter’s time. A resume should be no more than three pages with relevant experience that applies to the job post des. An HR recruiter can potentially ignore an article with 10+ pages. I recommend adding two bullet points with no more than two sentences for work experience. The resume can include experience from high school or college if you are new in the workforce.

Resume Template and Format

A resume with color and personality can help you stand out from other candidates. I recommend using a template in Microsoft Word or find an online platform that can provide a variety of templates for IT professionals.

Resume Format

Most job seekers are unfamiliar with the three different resume formats. The resume formats are chronological, functional and combination. Depending on the amount of work experience, the right resume format needs to be used. Here are the definitions of a chronological, functional and combination resume.


A chronological resume takes minimal effort to complete. The most recent job experience is listed first in chronological order with previous work experience. Your skills need to reflect in the Summary which is the first section of the resume.

A chronological resume is perhaps the simplest resume to write and is often the format that is most preferred by employers. It is a fact-based resume that allows employers to quickly skim through and get a feel for your work experience and qualifications.


A functional resume is recommended for IT professionals that are changing careers or are new in the industry. It is useful for those who were out of work for an extended period due to a job loss, health reasons or a sabbatical.


A combination resume is helpful for IT professionals because technical skills are required for it to be an effective document. If you have 10+ years of experience in the industry, the resume format can help it flow with the use of work experience at the top with non- work-related experience under the heading Additional Professional Experience. Here is a list of additional professional experience:

  • Board member of an association
  • Committee involvement
  • Small business or freelance projects
  • Multiple positions at the same organization

A combination resume would offer a classical format if you held more than three positions for an employer.

Next Steps

The next time you apply for an IT job opportunity remember to highlight a combination of interpersonal and technical skills. 

  • Tailor the resume with keywords that are common in information technology for ATS systems. Select a series of action verbs as the first word of a bullet under a job description that reflect leadership skills.
  • Design the resume with a template that is best suited by paying attention to a company’s logo or branding. Use a resume format that is consistent with your work experience.
  • Think about what a hiring manager wants to see in a hiring resume that will persuade them to invite you for an interview. Match the content to the job description in the job posting with achievements and work experience.

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