Microsoft Full Stack Developer Roles and Salary Expectations

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The work descriptions of Microsoft full stack developer positions in database development encourage readers to set high standards for a new career.  Some database development professionals are at a crossroads as to what new opportunity to pursue that is challenging. In addition to earning an income that relates to education and an abundance of work experience.


The solution to the article will provide realistic responsibilities connected to a high paid job opportunity. Readers will feel inspired to complete education or develop a career map to be prepared for a role on the list. It will help with professional development and career transition into a rewarding role.

Educational Requirements

The ability to compare web development courses prior to pursuing a role on this list is essential. Professional and personal development is a vital part of the growth of an individual’s ability to succeed in a high paid position. In addition to a formal education at a post-secondary institution or an online program, a mentor can support you to offer best practices.

Full Stack Developer Roles and Salary by Seniority

As a database development professional, the opportunity to find a high paid job can be a reality for those willing to work smart. We researched the top database development roles to inspire you to achieve high levels of excellence in business or at work.

Junior Position

A Junior Full Stack Software Developer redesigns and consolidates processes in addition to performing troubleshooting technical issues. This individual works with senior developers on the Business Process Management team. Most companies need this professional to develop applications with the use of .NET framework using XML, C#, ASP, or VB. Testing automated tests, working with IT staff and senior management is part of the experience. The ability to ensure Service Level Agreements are achieved in addition to monitoring IT systems is essential.

According to Glassdoor, a junior Microsoft Full Stack Developer earns about $68,480 per year.

Mid-Level Position

A professional at a mid-level position has experience using JavaScript’s, jQuery, Bootstrap, ASPX and SQL Server development. This individual has at least 5 years of experience in this role. Additional qualifications include scripting in python or Perl, telecommunications standards, and TCP / IP protocol experience. A mid-level Full Stack Developer deploys applications to cloud hosting platforms in addition to collaborating with UX designers.

According to Glassdoor mid-level Microsoft Full Stack Developers earn $89,774.

Senior Position

A Senior Full Stack Cloud Developer works closely with project managers, senior developers, and operators to design products. Scalable infrastructure using technology including MuleSoft, Docker Containers, NodeJS and Automation is utilized. These professionals can write code, research frameworks and architecture. Mentoring junior developers in per programming opportunities and conducting code reviews is an essential part of the career journey.

According to Neuvoo a Senior Full Stack Developer earns $82,175 - $115,000.

Next Steps

The ability to be successful in a role on this list will be dependent on interpersonal skills in interacting with people in all areas of an organization. Recommendations to be successful in one of these roles is below:

  • Networking with executive management at our organization through the successful implementation of new strategies at work that consistently saves the organization expenses.
  • Hiring an executive career coach to help develop your career to achieve success in one of these roles.
  • A mentor in a position of interest to an in-depth realistic view of working in the role.

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