SQL Server 2008 Inline variable initialization and Compound assignment

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In Sql 2008 (Katmai), a couple of the 'smaller' features that are currently in the latest CTP include inline variable initialization and compound assignment (something you App Dev folks have had for years). So, the following types of code now work in Sql 2008:

  declare @d datetime = getdate(),
    @i int = 1,
    @s varchar(100) = 'test';
  -- Show the values...
  select @d, @i, @s
  -- Increment i, append to s...
  select @i += 1, @s += 'ing';
  -- Show the new values...
  select @i, @s;

These operators also work inline with DML statements and columns...for example, a simple UPDATE statement in a table called 'testTable' with a column called 'testColumn' where you wanted to increment the value of testColumn by 1 could be:

  update testTable set testColumn += 1;
Also would work with other columns...if another column called testColumn2 existed:

  update testTable set testColumn += testColumn2;

I'll be posting other tidbits in Sql 2008 ongoing...enjoy!

Last Updated: 2007-10-15

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Please share such tidbits for latest versions. I really like these and is thankful to you for sharing it here.


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