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There are often questions about the differences and comparisons between Oracle and SQL Server certifications. In this tip we will compare and answer common questions about both certifications and where you can find more information.


What is the best exam to start?


SQL Server

You can start with the most difficult exam if you want, but If I were you, I would take the Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals | 1Z0-061. This exam is the easiest and does not require too much effort. Specially if you have experience with SQL. The easiest exam is the 98-364 Exam. This is a great way to start for beginners with no experience in databases. Like in Oracle, you can also take the exams in any order.

How much does the Oracle Certification exams costs?


SQL Server

The exam 1Z0-061 is cheaper than others ($125 USD). The regular price for most of the exams is $245 USD. The 98-364 Exam costs $60 USD. The regular price for most of the exams is $80 USD.

What is the minimal score to pass?


SQL Server

The passing score varies between 64/100-68/100 for most of the exams or 64-66%. The passing score is 700/1000 for most of the exams or 70%.

How many times can I retake an exam?


SQL Server

For proctored exams, the candidates must wait 14 days. For non-proctored exams, it can be retaken immediately. If you pass the exam, you can not retake it to improve the score. If you fail the exam for the first time, you can retake it a second time after 24 hours. The third, fourth and fifth exam can be taken on intervals of 14 days. The maximum number of times you can retake is 5. If you pass the exam, you can not retake it to improve the score.

Where can I take the Oracle exams?


SQL Server

You can use this link to find a place near you. You can use this link to find a place near you.

near locations

How long does the exam take?


SQL Server

It depends on the exam. Usually between 90-120 minutes It depends on the exam. Usually 120 minutes. The basic exam takes about 45 minutes.

How many questions are on the exam?


SQL Server

It depends on the exam. Usually between 60-90 questions. It depends on the exam. Usually 50 questions on most of the SQL Server exams.

What are the benefits?


SQL Server

  • A custom electronic certificate.
  • Access to certification logos.
  • Access to a certification portal.
  • Professional credibility.
  • Higher salaries (according to the statistics).
  • It is part of the requirements to be a Oracle partner.
  • And more.
  • Access to Job companies.
  • Vouchers of software programs.
  • Discounts for different kind of products like books, software, training material.
  • ID Card.
  • Higher salaries (according to the statistics).
  • Access to a certification portal.
  • Free books.
  • And more

What are the levels obtained by these certifications?


SQL Server

There are several grades. For example, to become an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA, which means goose in Spanish) in Oracle 12c, you need to pass 2 exams.

If you want to be an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP, which does not mean Ommi Consumer Products in this case), you need to be an OCA, take 1 Oracle specific Course and 1 specific exam.

There is also the Oracle Certified Specialist level. This level is independent from the OCA, OCP. For Oracle 12 c, you can take the Certified Implementation Specialist exam or the Performance and Tuning Exam.

The basic level is MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate). This is a basic level that demonstrates Database knowledge. This level requires 1 single exam.

The second level is the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate). A person with this level can handle several SQL Servers professionally. This level requires 3 exams. The 70-461, 70-462 and 70-463.

Finally, you have the MCSE level (Microsoft Certified System Engineering). You need to 5 exams for this level.

Is there any certification for the Cloud?


SQL Server

Yes, there are several Cloud certifications. The Cloud certification for Oracle Databases is the Oracle Database Cloud Administration | 1Z0-028.

The Cloud in the Microsoft world is the Microsoft Azure Portal. Azure is the key word for the Microsoft Cloud Services. You can find the Azure certifications in this link. The 70-533 exam includes some SQL Server topics. There is no certification for SQL Server in Azure, because the Virtual Machines in the Azure Portal can be handled as local machines.

Is there any certification for Business Intelligence?


SQL Server

Yes, there are several for BI:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Foundation 10 Essentials | 1Z0-526
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Foundation Suite 11g Essentials | 1Z0-591
  • Oracle Essbase 11 Essentials | 1Z0-531
  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1 Essentials | 1Z0-428
  • Oracle Database 11g Data Warehousing Essentials | 1Z0-515

Yes, there are several for BI:

Is there any certification for performance tuning?


SQL Server

Yes. The Oracle Performance Management and Tuning, 1Z1-064 is the exam for Oracle 12c.

The exams 70-462 and 70-465 include some Performance sections, but they are not exclusive for this topic.

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