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SQL Server Reporting Services Bookmarks and Document Maps Video

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Problem / Solution

Any report designer will often need to find ways to offer easy navigation paths to report consumers. SSRS provides several methods to navigate a report including document maps and bookmarks.

Document maps create a separate windows pane with a set of hyperlinks which can be used to navigate around a report, a virtual table of contents. Furthermore, the document map rendering options function slightly different within each of the various rendering formats, and some functionality does not work at all in certain renderings. Thus, for PDF renderings, the document map functionality is expressed through PDF bookmarks. In Report Viewer and Report Preview (online), the document map actually opens on the left side of a report. For Excel, documentm maps are expressed through the use of a table of contents worksheet which is linked to specific worksheets..

Be sure to read my full MSSQLTips.com tip on SSRS document maps and bookmarks at: http://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/3504/sql-server-reporting-services-bookmarks-and-document-maps/

Key Learning Items

The video covers how to:

  • Using Document Maps in SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Using Bookmarks in SQL Server Reporting Services
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