SQL Server Reporting Services Report and Group Variable References Video

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Problem / Solution

Report and group variables within SSRS report provide report designers with another tool to reuse code and ease the design process when dealing with complex calculations. Report variables can be used throughout a report whereas a group variable only is allowed within the scope of the group where it is implemented. A group variable is defined in the group properties window; similarly, report variables are defined in the report properties window. Like other objects within a SSRS report, a variable name must begin with a letter and cannot contain spaces, references to the variable are case sensitive, and report variables can be read-write or read-only (default). Finally, a variable can interact with SSRS embedded code or external code references. 

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Key Learning Items

The video covers:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services Report Variables
  • Using Report Variables for SSRS
  • Using Group Variables in SQL Server Reporting Services
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