SQL Server Video on Analysis Services SSAS Processing Error Configurations

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Problem / Solution

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) offers an array of various error handling techniques for common issues that surface when processing a cube, a partition, or a dimension. These properties allow you to set various error number thresholds for stopping processing while at the same time telling SSAS how to handle specific errors that occur. As with many features, you need to be careful to use these options appropriately and with full knowledge of the impact on your data. Many of the options often would violate foreign key constraint issues that normally would surface in a normalized OLTP database. To the contrary, the error processing options provide a great way for cube processing to continue when only minor or immaterial errors occur during cube processing which in turn provides for great "up and running" time for the cubes themselves.

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Key Learning Items

The video covers:

  • SSAS ErrorConfiguration Properties
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Last Updated: 2015-05-19

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