Hiding Fields by Customizing Content Types in SharePoint

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At certain times, we want to hide the details in user input forms, but also at the same time we want to maintain the data in the backend. In SharePoint we could use the list to store data. The default forms provided in the list like NewForm, Editform and others contain all metadata (fields). Now the problem is if you want to remove fields from the forms, either you need to remove columns from the list or you need to create new forms to replace the default forms.


To remove specific fields from the default list forms, we need to hide the metadata (columns) from the content type. We will walk through a sample list which contains a couple of fields in the list, but not all fields in the default forms after implementing the solution.


This list basically contains information of an employee like name, id and age. If we create a new employee in the same list, by default it would ask for all the details.


To hide any of the fields (like in my case EmpID), goto Settings > List Settings


Goto Advance settings


Select "Yes" option under the question "Allow management of content types?" to view the content type to which the field belongs.

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Select the content type like "Item" in my case.

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Select the metadata (column) you want to hide like EmpID in my case.


In "Column Settings" Category, there will be three options i.e. Required, Optional and Hidden. Select "Hidden" and press "OK" to hide the field.


Now when we go back to the new item form, the field does not show up.


With this, we could use this solution to decide what information we need users to input and what information we need to display in the default list forms provided in SharePoint.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 6:47:18 PM - Heena Back To Top (75970)


Can you please guide me for Password masking in SharePoint list field. I am using SharePoint 2013 and sharepoint (wsp) editing in visual studio 2017. its in Schema.xml and element.xml files. I tried to use java script for password masking but it didn't allow me to do anything in .xml. Need help.

Thanks, Heena

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 5:03:29 PM - Pari Back To Top (75282)


 I would like to do password mask in sharepoint 2013 list field. Want to show ***** not real password.

Can you please guide me for this?




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