InfoPath 2007: How To Create An Entire View as Read Only

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In Infopath 2007, there are times we need to make several fields non-editable. Advancing on the same idea, another common business requirement might be to make an entire form non-editable. Infopath allows form developers to create an individual control as non-editable, but if the control collection is in the hundreds or more it would not be feasible to use this approach.


Infopath 2007 provides a view feature where we can make the entire field collection non-editable. This article describes how to make an entire view non-editable without making any changes to the controls of the form.

I have an Infopath form which looks like the below image.

purchase order

Now go to Design Tasks on the right side of the Infopath instance, and click on Views.


Select the view which you want to make non-editable and click on "View Properties" which is below the list of views as shown in the image below:

new view

Under the "General" tab, you will find an option of "Read only" under the "View settings" area. Make sure you check the option box beside "Read-only" and click "OK".

read only

Now try to edit the form in that view and you won't be able to do so.

Next Steps
  • Use this approach to show a read-only form to specified set of users.

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