Comparison of Oracle and SQL Server Management Tools

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It is helpful to know the different tools that are available to manage SQL Server and Oracle. In this tip we look at a comparison of similar tools between the two database platforms.


What is the main tool to administer the database?

SQL Server


The main tool is SQL Server Management Studio.

For Oracle by default Oracle SQL Developer is usually installed.

What feature is used for integration with other data sources?

SQL Server


SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) allows you to load data from other Data Sources like Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, etc.

You can also execute Web Services and scripts.

The Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is used to integrate different data sources. Some companies are still using the Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), but the ODI is definitely more powerful.

What tool is used to create reports?

SQL Server


SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is primarily used for reporting. These tools are usually combined with SharePoint, but it can also be stand-alone.

You can also use Power View, PowerPivot, etc..

There are several tools for this purpose. For example Oracle Reports, Discoverer, Hyperion.

What tools are used for replication?

SQL Server


You can use SQL Server Management Studio and go to the replication node to implement SQL Server Replication. You can also use T-SQL scripts. Another option is Microsoft Sync Framework.

In Oracle 12c you can use the advanced Replication Interface in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. The replication management API is a set of PL-SQL packages. This is used to replicate data using the command line.

Fore more information, check out the Introduction to Advanced Replication option.

What tools are used to create programs to connect to the database?

SQL Server


You can program with several platforms, but Visual Studio is the main Microsoft development environment used to program in C#, C++, J#, F#,, etc.

You can use several Platforms, but the main Oracle tool is Java.

What platform is used to work in the cloud?

SQL Server


There are several tools to work in the Cloud, but the platform used by Microsoft is Microsoft Azure.

There are several tools to work in the cloud, but the platform used by Oracle is the Oracle Cloud.

Does the database accept multidimensional databases (OLAP)?

SQL Server


SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) accepts multidimensional databases. You can use SSMS or the SQL Server Data Tools to create them. Also, you can do it programmatically using AMO (Analysis Services Management Objects) using your favorite programming language.

You can use Essbase to create multidimensional databases.

Is there a way to do database mirroring?

SQL Server


You can use SSMS or T-SQL to use the Database Mirroring technology.

You can use Storage Remote Mirroring and Active Data Guard.

Is there a way to do log shipping?

SQL Server


You can do Log Shipping using SSMS or T-SQL scripts.

You can do log shipping, but it is recommended to use other High Availability solutions like Data Guard.

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Comments For This Article

Monday, August 24, 2015 - 10:00:52 AM - Richard Goulet Back To Top (38521)

SqlDeveloper is for developing Oracle databases & apps.  By default Oracle installs DB Console for managing databases.  Cloud control is great for if you have multiple databases & beats the heck out of SQL Server management studio when you install the connector.  And while Java is a usable language for Oracle you miss the fact that it will talk with just about any development language which is something that can't be said for SQL Server.  And if you're an SSRS guru you can use that to create Oracle based reports.  Oracle had CUBES before MS thought they were worthwhile.  And BTW, Essbase is an Oracle product.  BUT best of all, Oracle is not restricted to one OS platform like SQL Server.  And yes, I've a preference for Oracle over SQL, though both have their places.

Saturday, August 22, 2015 - 7:11:30 AM - Daniel Back To Top (38514)

Thanks a lot for the comments. We will have more chaptes about the Clouds and more Advanced tools in the future.

Friday, August 21, 2015 - 11:01:39 PM - Orlando Colamatteo Back To Top (38513)

Thanks for the rundown. Very helpful.

I have a wish list that wasn't covered...


What about profiling tools? E.g. SQL Profiler, Extended Events, SQL Audit, etc.


What about management providers and instrumentation? E.g. PowerShell, Performance Monitor Counters, SQL Management Objects (SMO), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), etc.


What about system objects? E.g. Dynamic Management Objects (DMVs and DMFs), etc.


What about extensibility? E.g. SQLCLR, Extended Stored Procedures, etc.

What about auditing? E.g. SQL Audit, Server Triggers, Change Data Capture, Change History, etc.


How are those represented in Oracle?








Friday, August 21, 2015 - 9:54:44 PM - Linda Lorentz Fletcher Back To Top (38512)

I would disagree with the statement about Oracle database management tools.  There is no mention of Database Control/Grid Control/Cloud Control - which are essentially Oracle's version-name-dependent tools that allow you to manage the database from a DBA perspectcive.  While Microsoft manages to keep the same name for it's management tool, it appears that the marketing guru's at Oracle got involved with the last several releases of the product to change the name of their version of "Enterprise Manager".  This is a definite area ripe for improvement in my mind...

The current version of the remote database management tool, that is available with Oracle 12c is called Cloud Control.  However, unlike Microsoft Management Studio, you need extra setup to get it running. 

Friday, August 21, 2015 - 8:16:39 PM - SOLOMON Back To Top (38511)

Good job ,

If you do't mind ,Please give us some tips about open source database tools, Thanks !


Friday, August 21, 2015 - 11:27:48 AM - sreevas Back To Top (38505)

Nice article Daniel, Helps others to understand what exactly the difference between both platforms!

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