How to Enable Localization Support for SQL Server Analysis Services Dimension Attributes

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In any SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) solution that has global users, one of the common requirements is the localization of data based on users locale. Users prefer to have the visual cues for the understand the data in their local language. In this tip we would understand how to add localization support to dimension attributes.


SSAS provides a feature called Translations that can be used to add localization support for a dimension.  Let's walk through an example with a sample Customer dimension.

1: Consider we have a cube dimension named Customer with a few attributes as shown below.

SQL Server Analysis Services Dimension Structure

2: Click on Translations tab, right-click and select "New Translation" tab. This should bring up a language selection tab. Select the language of your choice and click OK.

Language Selection in SQL Server Analysis Services

3: After the translation is created, based on the language selected, add the translated caption against the attributes. You can use translators like and find the translation in the target language, and add the same to the translation as shown below.

SQL Server Analysis Services Translations

4: Deploy the cube, and browse the same using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). On the top of the browser you should be able to see a Language option, from where the user can select the language of choice. Select the target language as shown below.

Select the Language in SQL Server Management Studio to Translate the Dimension

5: Once the language has been selected, the captions in the translated / localized language would be displayed as shown below. Only the attribute captions would be selected in the localize language. This would help users to identify attributes of a dimension in a localized language.

Translated language displayed for the headings and data
Next Steps
  • There are also translations available at the cube level. Try creating translations at the cube level to add localization support.
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