Getting Started as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

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I am a big fan of the SQL Server certification series tips. I heard that if you have Microsoft Certifications you can be a Microsoft Certified Trainer? Can you answer some questions about the MCT certification?  How can I get started?


In this new tip we will provide FAQs about becoming a MCT for SQL Server, the Microsoft Data Platform and additional technologies.


What is a MCT?

The MCT is a Certification to teach Microsoft courses.  Microsoft gives you this certification after meeting several requirements.

Can I teach Microsoft courses around the world?

Yes, this certification is valid in any Microsoft Learning Partner location or Microsoft Academy.

What Microsoft Certification is required to be a MCT for the Data Platform?

You can be a MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate) in BI Reporting, Cloud Platform, Data Engineering with Azure, Machine Learning, SQL 2016 Database Administration, SQL Server 2016 Database Development and SQL Server 2012/2014.

Also, the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Specialist) in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure and Data Management and Analytics.

You can also be an MCT in other technologies not related to SQL Server like Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Server and other technologies.

How long is the MCT valid?

You have to validate your MCT every year.

What are the requirements for the MCT renewal program?

Basically, pay the fee and have a good score for the Metrics that Matter (MTM). Your certifications (MCSA or MCSE should remain valid).

What are the Metrics That Matter?

You are evaluated by your students. You can send a link for an online survey. You and the course are evaluated and scored by your students.

How can I enroll as an MCT?

Here is a link to enroll:

This Microsoft site will help you get the certification if it is your first time or if you want to be re-certified.

I will show how to be re-certified. Use the link above and then login.

Microsoft Certified Trainer Program

You can be a Microsoft Employee, work for a Microsoft Imagine Academy, be an Academic, a Freelancer or other options. Choose the option that is closest to your position:

Employee Type for Registerting as a Microsoft Certified Trainer

Select your primary audience:

Specify the Primary Training Audience when Registering as a Microsoft Certified Trainer

The enrollment tool will verify if you have completed the requirements to re-join the program (Microsoft Certifications and a Good MTM Score):

Certifications and Metrics That Matter Score

The next step is to accept the terms.

You can check the terms here:

MCT Program Terms of Use

If everything is OK, you can press the "Pay now" button:

Pay for the MCT Program Registration

If you have a Promo Code, you can get a discount. The Microsoft Academies and Microsoft Learning Partners usually have promotional codes for the MCTs:

Final Payment and Enter Promotion Code for the MCT

You can pay with a credit card (Visa, American Express or Master Card) or PayPal.

What is the Alumni program?

The Alumni Program is for MCTs who are no longer training, but want to keep a relationship with Microsoft.  They receive discounts and vouchers for Microsoft e-learning courses, books and exams.

How much is it to be an MCT?

It depends on the country.

In the USA, to be a new MCT it costs $1000, renewal costs $800 and the Alumni program costs $99. 

In India, to be a new MCT it costs $125, renewal costs $100 and the Alumni program costs $12.

In Argentina, the cost is $375 (new), $300 (renewal) and $36 (Alumni).

In France, the cost is €900 (new), €725 (renewal) and €90 (Alumni).

What are the MCT benefits?

  • Free access to Microsoft e-learning.
  • Discounts for the Microsoft press e-books.
  • Invitations for Beta Exams (you can be certified for free).
  • Support for the Microsoft courses.
  • Access to the private MCT community group.
  • Microsoft Exam Discounts.
  • Free access to the Microsoft Labs online.
  • Vouchers to the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) exams
  • Access to Microsoft Online Courses
  • Access to the Microsoft Online Center with all the material to pass certification exams.
  • Access to Microsoft Prep Kit with slides, videos and material to teach courses.
  • A voucher to use Azure of $100 per month.

What is the link to access to the Microsoft Learning Downloading Center?

HHere it is the link:

What kind of information do I have in the Microsoft Learning Downloading Center? /h4>

You have access to Virtual Machines, Labs, Presentation files and training material for Microsoft Courses:

Microsoft Learning Downloading Center

How can I access to the Microsoft e-learning courses?

You can use the following link:

The SQL Server courses are not the last ones. In my opinion, the MVA site provides better information.

If I do not have experience teaching, how can I get the MCT?

You will need a certification to demonstrate skills for teaching. You will need a certification from a company that certifies these skills like CEGOS Group, Gopas, IAMCT, IPM TPMA, MCT-ISC and other similar certifications.

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