Study material for exam 70-537 Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with the Microsoft Azure Stack

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I heard about a new exam 70-537 - Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack. Can you answer some questions about this exam?


This is a new exam related to Hybrid Clouds (private and public cloud environments working together using Microsoft Azure Stack).  This exam is in a Beta version at the moment.


Who should take this exam?

This exam is for people with experience in the Microsoft Azure Stack. Also, the users must have experience in DevOps, network and virtualization experience.

What is Microsoft Azure Stack?

It is a hybrid cloud platform. It is also a Storage Area Network that provides IaaS services, PaaS services and Cloud Solutions.

What is DevOps?

It is a philosophy related to improving the delivery time by improving common activities of Developers and Operators (IT) using constant monitoring and automation.

What is the relationship between SQL Server and this Exam?

This exam is more oriented to IT members than DBAs, however, there are sections related to setting up SQL Adapters and Data providers that requires database knowledge. Also, if you have Virtual Machines with SQL Server and your company requires you to migrate them and work with the Azure Stack, you will require the knowledge evaluated by this exam.

What Microsoft Certifications are related to this exam?

This exam is optional to get the MCSA Associate (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) in Cloud Platform Microsoft Certified Solutions. You can also get a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional with this exam).

It is optional for the MCSE in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

Is the exam difficult?

If you do not have previous experience with the Azure Stack, DevOps, Virtualization or Networking you do not have a chance of passing unless you are a Jedi.

When was this exam published?

On January 31, 2018.

In which languages is this exam available?

At the moment only in English, but it will be available in other languages soon.

Which books would you recommend for this exam?

There are few books in the market related to Azure Stack:

Are there courses for this exam?

Yes, the following courses will be useful:

Are there some Azure Stack videos?

Here are some useful links:

Can you provide some links to study, for this exam?

Yes, here are some links:

Deploy and Integrate an Azure Stack Environment

Configure PaaS and IaaS for an Azure Stack Environment

Provide Services to and Enable DevOps for Azure Stack Tenants

Maintain and Monitor an Azure Stack Environment

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