What are the most popular SQL Server jobs?

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There are many different types of jobs and roles when it comes to working with Microsoft SQL Server. In this article we will take a look at the most popular and unpopular jobs related to SQL Server, along with some salary information for each of these jobs.


Career opportunities are abundant in a wide array of technologies in the IT industry. In this tip, we will talk about SQL Server-specific jobs like SQL Server DBA, Data Scientists, SSIS developers, SSRS developers, Data Engineering, and other jobs related to SQL Server. Additionally, we will take a look at the current job market for these jobs.

Jobs and Salary Information

We will first get an idea about jobs in the United Kingdom using IT Jobs Watch. This site provides information about the UK. You may say that you are not in the UK, but this is just a point of reference. Later in this tip, I will provide information about the USA job market.

Job Median Salary
in Pounds
# of Open Jobs
SQL Server DBA £52,000 20
Azure SQL Database £65,000 268
Azure SQL Data Warehouse £70,000 66
SQL Server Analyst £55,000 2
SQL Server Developer £52,000 24
SQL Server BI Developer £59,526 3
SQL Server Analysis Services £55,000 116
SQL Database Administrator £50,000 48
Senior SQL Database Administrator £57,500 4
SQL Server Integration Services £55,000 365
Data Engineer £65,000 486
Data Science £70,000 487
Big Data £77,500 472
PowerShell £60,000 949
Azure Data Factory £63,896 289
Power BI £55,000 1018
SQL BI Developer £50,750 13
Power BI Developer £55,500 31
SSRS £52,000 255

We can see that the best-paid jobs in the UK are Big Data-related jobs, Data Science, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. We can also see that one of the most popular jobs are related to Power BI, PowerShell, Big Data, and Data Science. The Data Engineer job has a high demand also.

Now, let's look at some salaries in the United States using Glassdoor, a job search website.

Job Salary Range
per year in USD
Data Scientist $61,000-173,000
SQL Database Administrator $69,000-126,000
SQL Developer $66,000-120,000
SSIS Developer $76,000-115,000
SSRS Developer $60,000-130,000
Power BI Developer $76,000-126,000
Big Data Analytics $80,000-187,000
Azure SQL Administrator $61,000-140,000

The salary ranges are different, but notice that the Data Scientists and Big Data jobs have higher salaries.

Now, let's look at LinkedIn for the number of jobs related to these professions in the United States.

Job Number of Jobs
SSIS Developer 16,412
SQL Server Database Administrator 65,438
SQL Azure Developer 53,541
Big Data 112,324
Power BI Developer 6,405
SQL Server Database Developer 5,530
SSRS Developer 16,282
SQL Server Data Engineer 43,705

Job Analysis

Let's analyze the data. Generally, the best-paying jobs are related to Big Data jobs and Data Scientists. These jobs are not directly related to SQL Server, at least not necessarily. However, we know these jobs are in high demand and well paid.

If we check the demand for Data Scientists, we notice that the demand is increasing this decade.

Data Scientist vacancy job in UK

The vacancies for Big Data Developers are not growing in the UK.

Big data developer job vacancy trend in UK

What about the SQL Server Database Administrators? Is this position in high demand? If we look at the chart below, we notice that the demand has decreased.

SQL Server DBA Job Vacancy Trend in UK

What if we move to Azure? Is there more demand? Based on the chart below, one job with growing demand is Azure Data Factory.

Azure Data Factory Job Vacancy trend in UK

Let's take a look at Azure SQL DBA jobs:

Azure SQL DBA job vacancy in UK

In general, we can say that the Azure-related jobs are doing well. There is a lot of demand.

What is the demand for jobs like SSIS and SSRS?

We can see that the demand is decreasing for SSIS.

SSIS Developer permanent jobs over time in UK

We can see this is similar to SSRS. These roles are all still required, but according to the chart, the demand for these jobs has decreased over time.

SSRS Developer over time in UK

An interesting job is the Power BI Developer and we can see an increase in demand for these jobs.

Power BI Developer in UK


In general terms, BI jobs have better salaries than a traditional DBA and a SQL Developer usually earns more than a DBA. There are always exceptions to the rule, but in general, this is the circumstance.

Azure, Big Data, Data Science, and Power BI are growing in demand, while jobs for SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS have less need.

So, should we stop doing jobs related to SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS or even as a SQL Server DBA because there is less demand? Not really; there are still thousands of jobs in the world. However, it is always a good idea to get familiar with new technologies and stay current.

If you check the new SQL Server 2022 features, you will notice that the new features are mostly related to Azure compatibility. Many companies still have hybrid environments with some data on-premises and some data in the cloud. The smartest decision is to be aware of the job landscape and continuously learn the latest technologies.

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