DP-100 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure Exam Prep

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Data Science is one of the best-paying jobs in the world. Microsoft now offers an official certification in Data Science and to help you get started, this article provides several links to help you get ready for the DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure exam.


This article will highlight some suggestions to pass the DP-100 exam. We will recommend books, courses, links, and tips about this exam.

What is Data Science on Azure?

Azure is the Microsoft cloud and provides services in the cloud like virtual servers, web pages, big data, APIs, databases, Kubernetes, compute, analysis, etc.

Data Science can also be handled in Azure. Data science is the field that studies how to process and extract knowledge from the data. In Data Science, you need to use algorithms to get insights from the data. To extract the data, you will need to collect, clean, and analyze the data. It is also important to have a good knowledge of statistics to handle data.

What is the DP-100 Exam About?

The exam is about Azure Machine Learning Services: how to design and prepare ML solutions, how to explore data, how to deploy models, and how to train models. Basically, it is an exam about machine learning.

Is the Exam Difficult?

Yes, it is a complex topic. If you are an expert in Azure Machine Learning, you may have less difficulties than a non-experienced person. Take a look at the study guide, videos, and courses. If everything seems familiar, maybe the exam will not be so difficult. If you do not know Azure or Machine Learning, I recommend taking some basic exams about Azure first before taking this advanced exam.

What is a Passing Score?

The score to pass is 700/1000 (approximately).

Which Books are Recommended for the Exam?

The following books will be helpful:

Could You Please Send Me the Study Guide?

Here is the official Microsoft Study Guide link: DP 100 Study guide.

What Courses Would You Recommend I Take to Pass the Exam?

These courses can help you:

Would You Recommend Some Links for the Exam?

Yes, here are some links to study for the exam:

Design a Machine Learning Solution

Choose the Development Methodology for Model Construction or Training

Supervise Data Within an Azure Machine Learning Workspace

Oversee Compute Resources for Experiments in Azure Machine Learning

Explore Data and Train Models

Construct Models Using the Azure Machine Learning Designer

Utilize Automated Machine Learning to Explore Optimal Models

Utilize Notebooks for Custom Model Training

Fine-tune hyperparameters with Azure Machine Learning.

Prepare Models for Deployment

Deploy and Retrain a Model

Implement Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Practices:

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