SQL Server Pre SQL Installation Checklist (Part 3 of 4)

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This is the third checklist in the process - run through it just before installing SQL Server in any environment.

SQL Clustering Pre-Installation Checklist


Pass Fail
No errors that may interfere with install in Event Viewer
SQL 2005 - Sql service account given the "lock pages in memory" local permission on all nodes in cluster (if desired)
SQL 2005 - Sql service account given the "Perform Volume Maintenance tasks" local permission on all nodes in cluster (if desired) (for instant file init)
Server cluster properly installed and thoroughly tested
Resource group containing the disk to be used during the install renamed
All nodes have access to the installation path (if using a network share)
Domain account(s) and Group(s) created for SQL Server-related service accounts
Installation account (ideally Cluster Admin account) has privilege at domain level to ADD ACCOUNTS to each of the Domain Groups for Sql Server-related accounts
RPC, Task Scheduler, MSDTC, and Sql Server VSS Writer (Sql 2005, if prior installations) services running
SQL 2005 - Remove any prior SNAC installations
SQL 2005 - LOGOFF all existing Terminal Services, RDP, remote desktop client connections to all nodes except single installation instance


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