SQL Server Video Reporting Services (SSRS) RS.EXE Utility

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Problem / Solution

The SQL Server Reporting Services RS.EXE utility is a command line utility that can perform many scripted operations related to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). In this video tip we cover using the tool to export a report from the ReportServer to local directory in way similar to the Subscription functionality.

The utility has two required arguments:

  • -i : denotes the input file, including the full or relative path, which will be run by RS.exe. This file must be written in Visual Basic .Net code and must have an rss extension
  • -s : denotes the SSRS server URL, such as http://myserver/ReportServer or https://myserver/ReportServer. The http:// or https:// prefix is optional.

Additional arguments can be passed to the utility at runtime including the "-v" argument which allows variables to be passed to the script.

The RS.exe program is generally found in the default installation directory: Tools> Binn directory; for my SQL Server 2012 installation the file was located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn.

Key Learning Items
  • How to use the RS.EXE utility for SSRS
  • Using RS.EXE to export SQL Server Reporting Services reports
  • Using RS.EXE to run and save report as an Excel format
  • Using RS.EXE to run and save report as a PDF document
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