Hiding the SharePoint Title Field

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When you create lists by default there is a TITLE column created. When a user fills out the list details you don't want this field to be displayed. How can I hide this field?


After creating a SharePoint list, click on List Settings as shown below:

create column

Click on Advanced Settings under General Settings:

permissions and management

Then, under Content Types - Allow management of content types set it to YES. By default it is NO and click OK.

content types

You will be then re-directed to the List Settings page and if you notice there is a new option available as Content Types. Click on "Item" under this.

general settings

You will then see the below screen. Click on "Title" under Columns. As this is a new list I didn't create any additional columns. If you have created any columns you would see them under the Columns section.


You will see the below screen and then choose Hidden (will not appear in forms). That's it!.Simple, yes?

column name

This is it!!!! To check, if you go to the list and click on new item you will see that Title is not there...enjoy!!!


Editor's Note: This technique also works for other fields. You may also have to remove the Title field from any Views created.

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