Changing Page Layouts on the fly in SharePoint 2010

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One of the restrictions and limitations in MOSS 2007 page layouts was that we could not easily change the page layout for a page unless we opened SharePoint Designer 2007. We'll see how we can do it easily in SharePoint 2010 with SharePoint Designer 2010.


In SharePoint 2010 we can now change the page layout of an existing page .We'll see how to create a SharePoint page with a specific page layout and then how we can change the page layout on the fly by following the steps below:

- Click on the "Site Actions" menu > then "View All Site Content" :

site actions

- Click on "Pages" under the "Document Libraries" section:


- Click "New Document" under the "Documents - Library Tools" ribbon menu > the "Page":

site actions

- Type the (desired) page title and description and then choose "(Article Page) MSSharePointTips Browsable Layout" from the "Page Layout" list > then click "Create":

article page

- Here's the new created page inherited from our "MSSharePointTips Browsable Layout" custom page layout:


- Now, let's change the page layout for the created page. Click the "Site Actions" menu > then "Edit Page":

site actions

- Click "Page Layout" under the "Page" ribbon menu, then change the layout by clicking on a different page layout:

page layout

- Here's the result:  A new selected page layout for our created existing page :

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