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We hosted a webcast with the subject What's New for Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2016 on October 29, 2015. There were questions which we didn't have time to answer, so this tip takes the opportunity to answer those questions. Below are the questions, along with their answers. If you still have questions, you can submit them in the comments section. You can watch a recording of the webcast here.


Here are some of the questions from the webcast that we did not have time to answer.

Q: Does SSRS now support other browsers like FireFox or Chrome?

Yes. A lot of investments the Reporting Services team is making is to make SSRS more supported and optimized for popular, modern browsers like Edge, IE10+, Chrome, FireFox and Safari. Some of those efforts are:

  • a new HTML5 rendering engine
  • printing without ActiveX
  • the replacement of Report Manager with a brand new web portal (this has yet to be released)

Q: What versions of Visual Studio does SSDT 2016 work with?

That would be Visual Studio 2015. Reporting Services will also have backwards compatibility: you will be able to select the target server version. If you're using a feature that is not compatible, you will get a warning. Backwards compatibility for Integration Services (SSIS) has also been rumored, but nothing has been released yet.

Q: Will the new SSRS functions (parameter pane, HTML5, etc.) work with the Report Viewer Control?

Straight from the Reporting Services team - since I didn't know the answer myself - and I'd like to thank them for their feedback:

Some of the new features (e.g., Treemaps, Sunburst charts, export to PowerPoint) work with the existing Report Viewer (2015) control, while others (e.g., HTML5, parameter layout) will require an update to the control. We’re focusing on the server product release (SQL Server 2016) at the moment and plan to release a future update to the Report Viewer control as it ships out of band of SQL Server.

Next Steps
  • If you attended the webcast or watched the recording and still have questions, you can always ask them in the comments. If you asked a question during the webinar and it is not featured in this tip, it's possible the question wasn't clear to me. Please use the comment section to clarify.
  • Take a look at the MSSQLTips.com website to see which webcasts are planned: Free SQL Server Webcasts, Videos and Webinars.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 3:12:32 AM - Koen Verbeeck Back To Top (40884)

Hi dk,

as mentioned in the quote of the SSRS team, the Report Viewer 2015 was already released. So it works with SQL Server 2014. Some features of SQL Server 2016 are supported, others are not.

Friday, March 4, 2016 - 1:22:27 PM - dk Back To Top (40862)


The report viewer 2015 control for visual studio was already released




where do i find out more info on what's new with this - is it 2014 or 2016 ssrs compatible? I'm wanting to know what rdl and features are available in report viewer 2015 in local processing mode (not server processing mode)

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