Study material for exam 70-776 Perform Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services

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I am working on passing exam Microsoft 70-776, Perform Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services.  What study materials exist for this exam?


We will talk about FAQs for certification 70-776. This certification is related to Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure Data Factory.


Who should take this exam?

This exam is oriented to DBAs, Data Scientist, Data Architects, Data Analysists, Data Developers or professionals who want to learn or who want to be certified in Data Analysis. Specifically, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Data Warehouse and Data Factory.

What is Azure Stream Analytics?

It is an event-process engine used to analyze streams of data. You can get data from IoT or non-IoT devices.

What is Azure Data Lake?

It is a special repository in Azure for a scalable repository for big data.

What is Azure Data Warehouse?

It is a scalable database that supports massively parallel processing designed to process Big Data.

What is Azure Data Factory?

It is a platform to provide cloud integration services.

Do I need to have an Azure subscription to study for this exam?

Yes, there are free versions, but they do require a credit card.

What Microsoft Certifications are related to this exam?

This exam is mandatory to get the MCSA in Data Engineering with Azure. You can also become a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) with this exam.

Is the exam difficult?

If you do not have previous experience with Azure, Data Warehouse, Data Factory and all the technologies required in the exam, it will be very difficult for you.

Which books would you recommend for this exam?

The following books may be useful:

Are there some courses for this exam?

Yes, the following courses will be useful:

Can you provide some links to study, for this exam?

Yes, here are some useful links:

Design and Implement Complex Event Processing By Using Azure Stream Analytics

Design and Implement Analytics by Using Azure Data Lake

Design and Implement Azure SQL Data Warehouse Solutions

Design and Implement Cloud-Based Integration by using Azure Data Factory

Manage and Maintain Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Stream Analytics

Next Steps

Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Streaming Analytics, Azure Data Factory and Azure SQL Data Warehouse are modern and Powerful tools to handle Big Data in Azure. These new tools are helping solve the new problems in today’s world.

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