Study material for exam 70-773 Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

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I have been reading your tips on the SQL Server certification series. Great job with the series. I am now looking for information about the 70-773 exam focusing on Big Data and Microsoft R. Do you have information about this exam?


Yes, we have. This time we will talk about Big Data and Microsoft R.

Who should take this exam?

This exam is oriented to DBAs, Data Scientist, Data architects, Data Analysists, Data Developers or professional who want to learn or who want to be certified in Big Data.

What Microsoft Certifications are related to this exam?

This exam is mandatory to earn the MCSA in machine learning (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate). You can also become a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) with this exam.

Is the exam easy?

If you do not have previous experience with R, big data and machine learning, you do not have any chance of passing this exam.

What is R?

It is a GNU project that consist of a language for statistics, graphics, etc. Visual Studio and SQL Server support R.

What is the relationship between R and SQL Server?

SQL Server now includes the R Services (Machine learning services in SQL Server 2017). SQL Server now enables you to perform Data Science tasks.

Which books would you recommend for this exam?

The following courses may be useful:

Are there some courses for this exam?

Yes, the following courses will be useful:

Can you provide some links to study, for this exam?

Yes, here you have some useful links:

Read and explore big data

Process big data

Build predictive models with ScaleR

Use R Server in different environments

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Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 12:58:46 PM - Pablo Echeverria Back To Top (78701)

 All these links, and the video tutorials shared by Letchumanan Balasubramaniam, helped me pass this exam on the first attempt (I bought it with two replays and a practice exam, but not needed). Thank you so much!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 1:34:28 AM - Letchumanan Balasubramaniam Back To Top (75247)

 Found the videos at useful as well. They were easy to digest and code sample download is available.


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