Study material for exam 70-777 Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions (Beta)

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I am studying for the Microsoft exam 70-777, about Cosmos DB. I do not know anything about this technology yet, but I learn fast. Can you help me to learn more and get ready for this exam?


In this new article, we will show information about this new exam and check books, links and videos to prepare for this exam.


What is Cosmos DB?

It is a new NoSQL database created by Microsoft in Azure (the cloud). It is globally replicated, fast and with reliable performance. It is used for games, web applications, mobile applications and more.

Is this exam related to SQL Server? I have experience with SQL Server and I heard that this exam can be useful.

Currently, the DBA needs to know not only SQL Server, but also non-relational databases like Cosmos DB or interact with Big Data tools. Some of the data will be stored in SQL Server, but no-relational data will be stored in Cosmos DB.

Is Cosmos DB similar to MongoDB?

Yes, they are competitors. If you know how to use MongoDB, learning Cosmos DB will take 1 day. MongoDB is compatible with Cosmos DB.

Is DynamoDB similar to Cosmos DB?

DynamoDB is another NoSQL database. It is from AWS. It has the same concepts, but it is not compatible with Cosmos DB yet. In other words, it is another competitor.

Who should take this exam?

This exam is oriented to developers who want to store data in a NoSQL database, DBAs who wants to learn NoSQL databases.

Is this exam a requirement for any Certification?

This exam will be optional for a MCSA certification.

Is the exam easy?

Yes. This exam compared with other Azure exams is easier. You need to read less books and articles. The topic is not easy itself, but at least you need to read less references to pass.

Which books would you recommend for this exam?

The following books will be useful. They are not directly oriented to the exam itself, but it is a good starting point:

Are there some courses online to pass this exam?

Yes, the following courses may be useful for the exam:

Are there some practice tests for this exam?

No. This exam is new. However, it may be some practice tests in the future.

Is this exam in beta?

Currently it is beta, but this will change in few months.

Is there any restriction with the beta exam?

Yes, your score will not be published immediately. It may take 8-12 weeks until you receive your score.

Do you have some links to study, for this exam?

Yes, the following links can be useful

Partition and Model Data

Replicate Data Across the World

Tune and Debug Azure Cosmos DB Solutions

Tune and Debug Azure Cosmos DB Solutions

Next Steps

If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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