Power BI Certification FAQ for Exams PL-300 and PL-900

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Power BI is now a very popular tool for data visualization and data analysis resulting in several jobs that can use this skillset. To demonstrate if you have the skills to work with Power BI, you can get a Microsoft Certification. In this tutorial, we will review some of the common questions about the exams you can take along with some resources you can use to study for these exams.


There are several Microsoft Power BI certifications and, in this tutorial, we will answer common questions about the different certification exams.

What happened to the 70-778 exam?

Microsoft retired Exam 70-778, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI, on January 31, 2021.

Now the new exam for Power BI is PL-300 which we will discuss in this article. There is also another article with resources for the PL-300 exam: Study material for Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst.

What happened to the DA-100 exam?

The DA-100 exam, Analyze Data with Microsoft Power BI, was retired in March of 2022 and replaced with the PL-300 exam.

Is the PL-900 exam a Power BI exam?

The PL-900 exam includes a section with not only Power BI, but other technologies like Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. These technologies and Power BI are members of the Power Platform.

Which exam should I take first, PL-300 or PL-900?

If you want to get certified in Power BI, you should start with the PL-300 exam. Then you can learn more about other tools and take the PL-900 exam.

Are the PL-300 and the PL-900 exams difficult?

If you read all the material and to do some test exams to verify your knowledge you should have enough experience to pass the exam.

What is the score to pass the exams?

These exams require a score of 700/1000.

What languages are supported for these exams?

These are available in English, Spanish, and German. Also, supported are simplified Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Italian, and Traditional Chinese as well.

What jobs are available for people certified in Power BI?

Usually Data Analyst Associate, Report Writers, Power BI Developers, Power BI Trainers, Big Data Administrators, Business Analysts, Power App Developers, BI Developers, Risk Analyst, Data Engineering, Data Scientists, Software Engineer and more.

How much does it cost to take the exams?

PL-300 Exam Costs

This table provides some countries and associated prices for the exam.

Price Country
165 USD USA, Sweden, Fiji, Kuwait
80 USD Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Nigeria, Haiti, Bolivia, Botswana, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay, Chile
165 EUR Germany, San Marino, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Italy
¥21103 JPY Japan
115 USD China, Santa Lucía
125 USD Taiwan
176 USD Singapore
100 EUR Lithuania

PL-900 Exam Costs

Here is a list of a few countries and prices to give you an idea.

Price Country
99 USD USA, Sweden, Fiji, Kuwait
55 USD Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Nigeria, Haiti, Bolivia, Botswana, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay, Chile
99 EUR Germany, San Marino, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Italy
¥12500 JPY Japan
69 USD China, Santa Lucía
75 USD Taiwan
106 USD Singapore
60 EUR Lithuania

Which is better to study, a book or a video?

It depends on the book and the reader for self-paced learning. Some books do not cover all the required material and the same is true for online courses. I strongly recommend carefully reading book and course reviews. Also, it depends on the person. Some people learn faster with a video training course than with books. However, in general, the books cover more information and provide more details about the tool. It is also important to get hands-on experience and take practice tests as well in order to get Microsoft certified.

Resource links for the PL-900 exam

MSSQLTips.com has a number of articles about Power Apps and Power Automate that may be useful to get started.

In addition, here are links to Microsoft articles:

Recommend books for the PL-300 exam?

The following books can help you with the exam:

Resource links for the PL-300 exam

These are general resources you can review for your Power BI certification exam.

Getting Data from Different Data Sources

Clean, Transform and Load the Data

Following are resources that align with the exam layout.

Model the Data (30-35%)

Visualize and Analyze the Data (25-30%)

Deploy and Maintain Assets (20-25%)

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