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When you finish developing a report, you need to deploy it in order to make it available to the appropriate people.  This section will provide an overview of the options for deployment in Report Builder 3.0.


There are two options for deploying the reports that you create with Report Builder 3.0:

  • Report Manager
  • SharePoint document library

The deployment options that are available to you depend on how SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008 R2 is setup and configured.  Reports that you develop with Report Builder 3.0 can only be deployed to SSRS 2008 R2.  An instance of SSRS can be configured in native mode or SharePoint Integrated mode.  With native mode you deploy reports to the Report Manager web application.  With SharePoint Integrated mode you deploy your reports to a SharePoint document library.  In either case you can save your report in Report Builder and specify the appropriate URL for your deployment target.

While an instance of SSRS can be configured for either native mode or SharePoint Integrated mode, you can have multiple instances of SSRS which would allow you to have both options available.  From the standpoint of a business user, SharePoint Integrated mode is a good choice; reports are handled just like any document. 

To deploy a report, click the diskette icon at the top of the Report Builder window or select Save/Save As from the Report Builder menu; the familiar Save dialog is displayed:

save as report

The following are the main points about deploying a report:

  • You can save your report to a number of different locations; choose Recent Sites and Servers to navigate to the URL for Report Manager or your SharePoint document library
  • You will likely need to get the appropriate URL from your IT department; they will need to give you the permission to deploy
  • There are a number of other options to save your report; e.g. Desktop, My Documents and My Computer
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