SQL Server Management Studio Tips, Tricks and Customizations Video Tutorial

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Problem / Solution

SQL Server Management Studio has been around quite some time, but do you really know how to get the most out of SSMS? In this video tutorial, Kevin Kline will cover many aspects of SSMS, some you may know and some you probably never knew existed.  Watch this video tutorial to make the most out of using SSMS.

Key Learning Items
  • Getting the Latest Version and Installing
  • Productivity Tips
    • Tabs, Filters, Shortcuts, Multi-line Editing
  • Environment Tips
    • Templates, Snippets, Projects, Themes
  • Customization and more

Last Updated: 2016-09-07

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About the author
MSSQLTips author Kevin Kline Kevin Kline is a renowned database expert, software industry veteran, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Google Author, and long-time blogger.

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Friday, October 07, 2016 - 12:24:32 PM - Adugna Gubena Back To Top (43509)

 Thank you Kevin, it was very helpfull.



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