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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 has many new features. In this previous tip, we installed a database engine with the SQL Server 2017 installer. In this tip, we will explore installing SQL Server 2017 along with other features such as R services, Python, SSIS, etc.


SQL Server 2017 comes in the editions listed below which are available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Enterprise: Comprehensive, high-end capacities for commanding database and business intelligence essentials.
  • Standard: Core data management and business intelligence abilities for non-critical workloads with minimal IT support.
  • Express: This is a free version with limited SQL Server features.
  • Developer: This is a free version to build, test, and demo apps in non-production environments. All Enterprise Edition features are included.
  • Web: SQL Server Web edition is a low-cost version for Web hosting companies and Web VAPs to provide scalability, affordability, and manageability capabilities to their customers.

Below is the comparison for some of the important feature in a different edition of SQL Server 2017. For a full comparison list please refer to this link.

Features Enterprise Standard Web Express
Maximum Relational DB Size 524 PB 524 PB 524 PB 10 GB
Log shipping Yes Yes Yes No
Database mirroring Yes Yes, Full safety only Witness only Witness only
Backup compression Yes Yes No No
Always On Availability Groups Yes No No No
Resumable online index rebuilds Yes No No No
Columnstore Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resource Governor Yes No No No
Automatic Tuning Yes No No No
Batch Mode Adaptive Joins Yes No No No
Batch Mode Memory Grant Feedback Yes No No No
Interleaved Execution for Multi-Statement Table-Valued Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Encryption for backups Yes Yes No No
SQL Profiler Yes Yes No No
SQL Server Agent Yes Yes Yes No
Database Tuning Advisor (DTA) Yes Yes Yes No
Advanced R integration Yes No No No
Machine Learning Server (Standalone) Yes No No No
Query Store Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database mail Yes Yes Yes No

Install SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition

SQL Server 2017 Developer is a full-featured free edition, licensed to use as a development and test database in a non-production environment. You can download from this link.

Download free specialised edition of SQL Server

Once SQL Server 2017 Developer edition is downloaded, double click on it to launch.

This gives us the option to select an installation type:

  • Basic: Select Basic installation type to install the SQL Server database engine feature with default configurations.
  • Custom: Select Custom installation type to step through SQL Server installation wizard and choose the features, configurations while doing the installation.
  • Download Media: If we want to download the setup files only and perform the installation later you can use this option.
sql developer edition install

In this tip, we are going to perform the installation of features other than the database engine.  Therefore, click on the Custom type.

sql developer edition install

Specify the Media Location where we want to save the SQL Server media. The drive should have at minimum free space of 9240 MB in order to extract the media.

sql developer edition install

While the media is being downloaded, we get different messages with some useful links.

sql developer edition install

In the below example, it shows these links:

  1. Link for Microsoft GitHub repository containing code samples for SQL Server, development samples for using different features like In-Memory OLTP, R-Services etc.
  2. Link to get Azure SQL Database samples and reference Implementation Repository to get different reference implementation samples for C#, Java, node.js, PHP, Python.
sql developer edition install

Below we can see more links for:

sql developer edition install

Once the SQL Server 2017 set up is downloaded, it extracts the files into the folder specified above.

sql developer edition install

Once extraction is complete, the SQL Server Installation Center is launched. Click on Installation on the left side.

sql developer edition install

Then click on New SQL Server stand-alone installation and you will get this message.

sql developer edition install

In the next screen, the SQL Server setup checks for Global Rules. Global Rules identify problems that might occur while installing SQL Server setup support files. If there is any failure, it must be corrected before proceeding further.

sql developer edition install global rules

If all the Global Rules are passed, go to the next screen. In the next screen, it checks for Microsoft Update. Microsoft Update offers security and other important updates for Windows and SQL Server. We can skip this step, by unchecking the "Use Microsoft Update to check for updates."

sql developer edition install microsoft update

In the next step, it installs the setup files. If files are already present, it skips the step.

sql developer edition install setup files

Since we are doing a new installation of SQL Server 2017, select the option "Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2017". This is the default option.

If we select "Add features to an existing instance of SQL Server 2017", we need to select the instance from the drop-down list.

sql developer edition install intallation type

In Product Key, we can specify a license or select a free edition. In this example we are using Developer for the free Developer Edition.

sql developer edition install product key

In the next step, accept the License Terms. If we want to read the license agreement, we can copy it or print it to read further.

sql developer edition install license terms

In the Feature Selection, we can select the required features. Here are some of the options.

  • Database Engine Services it is the database server to install, configure, and perform administration of the databases.
  • Machine Learning Services (In-Database) we can install R or Python languages for Machine learning. Read more about it using in this article Machine Learning Services.
  • Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search is used for full-text queries.
  • Data Quality Services is used to enrich, standardize and avoid duplicate data. Read more about it in this tip Data Quality Services.
  • PolyBase query Service for External Data is useful to query NoSQL Data.
  • Integration Services we can choose to install a scale out master or scale out worker. Read more about it using the SSIS Scale Out Feature.
  • Distributor Replay Controller is useful to replay complex workloads. Read more about how to configure the SQL Server distributed replay feature.
  • SQL Client Connectivity SDK will install SQL Server OLEBD and ODBC connectors. These connectors are used to connect SQL Server using.NET, Java, PHP, etc.

Note: You cannot find SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Management Studio in the feature installation. This is because you need to download and install these components separately.

Refer to the below links to install Reporting Services and Management Studio:

Select the desired features and click on Next.

sql developer edition install feature selection
sql developer edition install feature selection

In the Instance configuration, we have the choice to use a default instance or a named instance. In a named instance, provide the instance name. Note: If a default instance is already present on the server, we have to use a new named instance.

sql developer edition install instance configuration

In the next screen, we can specify SQL Server service accounts and collation. The account names are created automatically for each service or we can specify the accounts we want to use. We can also select the service startup type. For most of the services, it is Automatic by default.

By default, "Grant Volume Maintenance Task privilege to SQL Server Database Engine Service" access is provided. Read more about this in SQL Server 2016 rc0 installation and configuration changes.

sql developer edition install server configuration

We can select the desired collation from the Customize button.

sql developer edition install server configuration

In the Database Engine Configuration, we can select the authentication mode as Windows or Mixed mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows Authentication).

We can also specify the SQL Server administrators. If we want to add the current user as an administrator, click on "Add Current User".

sql developer edition install database engine configuration

To add other users, click on Add and search the user or group.

sql developer edition install add users

In the Data Directories tab, specify the directory for the data files, log files, and backups.

sql developer edition install database engine configuration

In the TempDB tab, we can specify the number of TempDB files, initial size, auto growth, and data directories. Read more about TempDB configuration best practices in SQL Server.

sql developer edition install database engine configuration

The Integration Scale-Out Configuration – Master Node is used to define the port that the master node uses to communicate between the master and worker nodes. A default self-signed certificate is created if we choose to create a new SSL certificate.  If we have a certificate, we can use an existing certificate as well.

sql developer edition install ssis scale out

In the Integration Services Scale-Out Configuration – Worker Node, we need to specify the endpoint of the Master Node. Its format should be https://[MasterNodeMachineName]:[Port]). We can configure the SSL certificate of the master node to trust this machine.

sql developer edition install ssis scale out

In the next screen, we need to provide Consent to install Microsoft R Open. By clicking Accept, we can choose to download Microsoft R Open and agree to accept patches and updates as per the SQL Server update preference.

sql developer edition install r open

Click on Accept and wait for the installation to finish. Once done, it enables the next option.

sql developer edition install r open

Click on the Next button.

sql developer edition install r open

In the next screen, Consent to Install Python we can accept to install Python which is a powerful language for machine learning.

sql developer edition install python
sql developer edition install python

Wait for the Python install to complete.

sql developer edition install python

If there is any issue in connecting to the download server, the setup gives the option to download the Microsoft Machine Learning Server installation files.

sql developer edition offline installation machine learning components

Download the files from the links and place them in a folder.

sql developer edition offline installation machine learning components

Provide the location of the folder to complete the offline installation of the Microsoft Machine Learning Server Components.

sql developer edition offline installation machine learning components

Review the configuration settings. If everything is OK, press Install.

sql developer edition install

This starts the SQL Server 2017 installation with the selected components.

sql developer edition install progress
sql developer edition install progress

Once set up is completed, it shows the installation status of each component, we can also review the summary log file from the link provided below.

sql developer edition install progress
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