DP 500 Certification Exam Preparation for Microsoft Azure and Power BI

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Microsoft has an Advanced Exam for Microsoft Azure and Power BI. This tip will cover FAQs related to the Microsoft Certification exam, DP-500.


The DP-500 exam is for Power BI experts. This article includes FAQs and links to questions, books, and training material for this exam.

What does DP-500 mean?

DP stands for Data Platform and 500 is an identifier.

How much time do I need to get ready for the exam?

It depends on your experience. If you are an expert in Azure SQL Databases, Power BI, and Synapse Analytics, it may take you one month in the best scenario. If you have no experience with the technologies mentioned, it is strongly recommended that you study and take the PL-300 exam first and then the DP-500 exam. If you are an expert in Power BI but do not have experience with Synapse Analytics and Azure SQL Databases, you may need to study for 2-4 months. There are some without experience that pass the exam having only studied for one month; however, they are an exception, not the rule.

What languages are available for this exam?

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Korean
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Italian

How much does the exam cost?

It depends on the country, but generally, it is around $80-165 USD.

Is there an official paid course for this exam?

Yes. The course oriented for this exam is the Course DP-500T00: Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI. You can find some official courses on Microsoft’s site: DP-500T00 Courses. The price for this course is approximately $1,800 USD.

What about a self-paced free course?

There is a free course available to learn at your own pace. However, this course and the official paid courses are insufficient to pass the exam. Both do not cover all the topics completely. The self-paced course is available on Microsoft’s site: Self-paced course.

Is there a study guide for the DP-500 exam?

Yes, you can find the study guide here: DP-500 Study Guide.

Which books would you recommend for the Microsoft DP-500 exam?

The following books can be helpful:

Are there some training exams for the DP-500?

Check out the following training exams:

What resources do you recommend to study for the exam?

Here are several categories with links to use as study aids:

Govern and Manage Data Analytics Environments

Integrate Analytics Platforms into Existing Infrastructures

Administer Analytics Lifecycle

Query Data with Azure Synapse Analytics

Ingest and Transform Data with Power BI

How to Design and Build Tabular Models

Optimize Enterprise-scale Models

Explore Data with Azure Synapse Analytics

Visualize Data with Power BI

What is the score to pass the DP-500 exam?

Around 700 out of 1000.

How many questions are included in the exam?

There are approximately 40-60 questions.

How long does the exam take?

It takes around 3 hours.

Where can I take the exam?

You can take the exam online here.

What happens if I fail the exam?

In the event you do not receive a passing score, you have an opportunity to retake the exam. Your second attempt can occur after 24 hours. If you fail the exam five times, the sixth attempt must be taken one year after your first attempt.

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