AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Exam Study Guide

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Handling Azure security is critical for keeping information and resources safe. Is there a certification for Azure security?


This tip will help you pass the AZ-500 certification exam by answering common questions and providing resources for each of the exam objectives.

What is the AZ-500 Exam?

This official Microsoft exam is related to Azure security.  You will learn about Microsoft Entra, multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), Microsoft apps security, virtual network security, endpoints security, gateways, firewalls, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), encryption, and other related topics.

Is the Exam Difficult?

This exam will not be difficult if you already have a lot of experience in Azure, especially with security. If you do not have experience with Azure, it is strongly recommended that you take other Azure exams first.

The AZ-900 exam is recommended for beginners in the Azure world.

What is the Minimum Passing Score for the AZ-500 Exam?

The minimum score to pass is approximately 700/1000.

What Books are Recommended for this Exam?

The following books will help you pass this exam:

Are There Links Available for Studying for the Exam?

Yes. The following links can be helpful for the exam:

Administer Identity and Access

Administer Microsoft Entra Identities

Administer Microsoft Entra Authentication

Administer Microsoft Entra Authorization

Administer Microsoft Entra Application Access

Secure Networking

Design and Enforce Security for Virtual Networks

Design and Enforce Security for Private Access to Azure Resources

Design and Enforce Security for Public Access to Azure Resources

Secure Computing, Storage, and Databases

Design and Implement Advanced Security Measures for Computing

Design and Implement Security for Storage

Design and Implement Security for Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance

Administer Security Operations

Design, Implement, and Oversee Governance for Security

Administer Security Stance using Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Configure and Manage Threat Protection with Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Configure and Oversee Security Monitoring and Automation Solutions

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