SQL Server Configuration Checklist

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This informational sheet should be filled out completely prior to starting the installation/configuration of a new cluster or standalone instance.  NOTE: Only include user/password information if secure document - if not, simply reference the location to retrieve.

{SQL Instance Name} SQL Config

          Copy and paste this entire section for each Sql Instance on the cluster

Parameter Value
Instance Name  
Listening Port  
Enabled Network Protocols  
Force Encryption?  
Cluster Group Name  
Virtual Server Name  
IP Address 1  
Network to Use (IP 1)  
IP 1 Subnet  
IP 1 NetBIOS Enabled  
Data/Log Disks Allocated          Tempdb specific?  
Cluster Definition/Preferred Owner Order  
Cluster Administrator Information Username: Password: 
Type Of Instance (Named, Default)  
Program Files location (same location on internal drive on all nodes)  
SQL Server Administrator Account  
SQL Server Administrator Password  
SQL Server Agent Administrator Account  
SQL Server Agent Administrator Password  
SQL 2005 Service Accounts and Passwords          Browser, SSIS, Analysis Services, RS, NS  
SQL 2005 Domain Group Names          Sql, Agent, Fulltext, Browser, SSIS, AS,           NS, RS, etc.  
Authentication Mode (Mixed, Windows)  If Mixed, SA password:
Licensing Mode (Per Seat, Per Processor)  Value:
SQL Services Required (Agent, Fulltext, SSIS, RS, NS, etc.)  
Memory Allocated To The Instance  
AWE Enabled?  
SQL 2005 services enabled (CLR, DB Mail, etc.)  
SSIS Cluster configuration          Dedicated group vs. shared Sql          Affect group?  SSIS LUNs:SSIS IPs:SSIS Network Name(s):

Last Updated: 2008-06-28

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